Now I'm in New York City

1972314_632486140134265_1613365978_n (1) As I already mentioned before on my instagram account and facebook page - just a week ago, I got news that I am going to be on the cover of the Azerbaycan Qadini magazine ( Azerbaijani Women). I was very excited about it, because it is a very very good magazine and of course - it is my first cover ever!!! AAAAAAA! I still cant believe that it happened! Of course, I knew that at some point I will be issued in magazines, but never ever dreamed of the cover!!! As, not all of you live in Azerbaijan - I decided to share pictures from the magazine, as they are beyond amazing! I am so grateful for everything in my life, especially for having such an awesome audience as you guys! You inspire me every single day and I hope that within these two years we could help you to make right choices! Without you none of this would ever happen - so first of all I am grateful to you!

Pictures by  an awesome and talented photographer Ruslan Nabiyev!

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